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NOW Open Senior Winter 2024 Team Nominations /Registrations

NOW Open Senior Winter 2024 Team Nominations /Registrations

Moreton Bay Basketball Inc

4 Mar 2024

ATTENTION Team Captains

Registrations have opened for the Winter 2024 Season,

When Registering/Nominating to a New Season you need to Register as a NEW TEAM for every new Season.

Please find below link:

Senior Winter 2024 Season 

Once you have registered your team, please send all of your team members the invite so they can register to your team.

When you have registered the team, please email the preference to which division you would like to nominate to

Also please be aware that:

Anybody that has not registered to a team will NOT be ALLOWED to take the Court - NO Exceptions!



Uniforms are to be all be the same/identical this means both Singlets/Jerseys and Shorts. All the same colour and all the same style. Senior Teams are to supply their own playing uniforms.


Numbered front & back

Numbers 00, 0-99

Numbers on back ≥ 16cm & ≥ 2cm wide

Numbers on front ≥ 8cm & ≥ 2cm wide

Numbers must be easily read – contrasting colour/suitable design

Shorts Identical design

(Colours, numbers, logos no larger than a 50cent piece, sponsors etc)

NO Pockets!

Shorts must be worn.

Tights may be worn underneath shorts

Plain Black Shorts Recommended - Suns now have available Shorts to purchase if you are interested, please contact us.

If you have a Junior playing in a Senior team and has the Suns Shorts, they can only wear these if the whole team is wearing these shorts.

NO Pockets nor taping of pockets.

No visible zips.

No buckles/clips.

No turning inside out.

Accessories Compression garments must be dominant colour of team, black or white.

T-shirts prohibited.

Compression garments permitted (must be taught to skin)

There is also an important announcement regarding the Gala Day for Grand Finals at Moreton Bay Basketball. We are doing things slightly different this season; we are playing the Grand Finals on a Saturday we have exciting plans to enhance the overall experience. We aim to combine both Senior and Junior Grand Finals on the same day, creating a collaborative and inclusive event that brings our entire basketball community together.

Save the Date: Saturday, 7 September Time: Mid morning/lunchtime until evening

The schedule for the day will be finalized closer to the date, and a draw will be developed to outline the game timings. We encourage all teams to come down and support their peers during this exciting event. It promises to be a day filled with thrilling matches, camaraderie, and celebration.

As an added bonus, complimentary food and drinks will be provided, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the day to the fullest. It's a great opportunity for players and their families to connect, share experiences, and revel in the achievements of the season.

We appreciate your ongoing support and enthusiasm for Moreton Bay Basketball. 



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