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Referee Information

Referees are a integral part of the sport of basketball and Moreton Bay Basketball Inc, and are necessary for them to both continue to thrive. We are always on the lookout for more referees and try to give everyone a go.  However, it’s not as simple as that. Refereeing can be challenging as well as physically and mentally demanding. Even though, what you get out of being a referee far outweighs what you put in, refereeing is not for everyone.

MBBI is dedicated to the development and improvement of referees within the association. Our focus is to work with our referees to continually improve and to enable pathways for them, whatever their ultimate goal may be.

Moreton Bay Basketball Inc. works closely with Basketball Queensland to maintain and enhance its referee program to ensure our program complies with state and national standards. With MBBI domestic basketball competitions being held year-round, and teams entered into SQJBC and QSL, opportunities are always available for those looking to become a referee or score table official.

MBBI will also periodically run referee courses to aid in progression through the Basketball Queensland pathway, in line with Basketball Australia's officials' development framework.​

For more information, please feel free contact our Referee Coordinators by clicking the button below:

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